What Makes a Hero?

Everyone has a different definition of the word Hero. Some picture men in tights wearing capes. Some exclaim in loud, slightly whiney voices with an exaggerated accent


They picture super-powered people, or people with tragic backstories. They picture so many different things. One thing all of the ideas have in common is that heroes have villains. They have someone, or at least something to overcome. Be it their own mind, a celestial being of some kind, a rival for a job or lover, or someone who has too much power and needs to be stopped from using their power in a horrible way.

But what really makes a hero?

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Spotlight: Christine Blasey Ford

7e420ab1d1ab3b148b6346eaa48f58bcThere isn’t an American alive who hasn’t heard the name of Dr. Ford in recent weeks with the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. In the recent wake of the #MeToo movement feminists around the world, and those who didn’t even know they were feminists are crying out for the heads of their rapists. Read More »